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M.O.M. is pleased to announce an installation on the Sociology of Motherhood at the O’Malley Library at Manhattan College, Bronx, NY, Sept. 1 -Dec. 15, 2014. Read more below. (Directions) [Download the flyer]

The Sociology of Motherhood
The Sociology of Motherhood

so·ci·ol·o·gy– Sociology is the scientific study of human society– its institutions, and people’s social behavior.

The sociology of motherhood examines gender, family, and parenting, with primary emphasis on motherhood.[1]

At the Museum of Motherhood we explore many subjects including the science, art, and history of motherhood, fatherhood, and family.

Manhattan College’s Sociology Department encourages students to explore their sociological imaginations in order to foster knowledge and respect for diverse social systems and cultures.[2]

We ask you to think about where you have come from and what you believe about the world you live in? By thinking critically students begin the scholarly journey. Thinking critically allows for more informed decision-making and enables the development of perspectives that foster social justice and encourage attitudes that support compassionate awareness.

~M. Joy Rose, Founding Director, Museum of Motherhood

[1] Florence Maätita, Encyclopedia of Motherhood, Sage Publications. 2011

[2] Manhattan College, Dept. of Sociology


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