The Journal of Mother Studies Turns 5 Years Old: 2020 Online

How is everyone? Are you hanging in there? I hope so! This has been an unusual year, on so many levels. 

The MOM Art Annex is in quiet hibernation as well, as we lower our heads, hunker down, and try to survive. At the same time, many of us are raising our voices to call out systemic racism, social problems, and inequities as we identify them.
Through it all, submissions to the journal came rolling in as we prepared for our fifth year of digital humanities publications with research papers, book reviews, and some artworks. Thematically, the submissions were on diverse topics.
I thought about putting the journal aside this year. But, Patricia English Schneider’s piece on “Mourning Mother” was deeply moving and Olatunbosun Samuel Adekogbe’s submission about “The Cultural Value of Motherhood” in Jimi Solanke’s Music (in Africa), compelled. I thought, perhaps curious scholars need to see this information?
Finally, at the last moment, I was contacted by Samantha Kolber whose poetry book titled Birth of a Daughter was recently published by Kelsay Books. A review was quickly organized. There are multiple papers worth exploring here, including Kimberly Hillier and Christopher Greig’s later submission titled Mothering During Covid. So, we organized editors, blind reviewers, and connected them to the distinguished authors represented here.
According to the way I see it, we need to support each other, celebrate each other, and keep writing. While this year’s journal is unconventional, it is certainly a powerful read. I’m deeply honored to have been able to contribute to the dissemination of these pieces. It is my sincerest wish that you and your family stay strong and healthy in light and love. [Read JourMS online here].
[Read the full Newsletter here].
 Martha Joy Rose

October Art by Aster Woods

Published by MOM

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