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In 2010, Rose, aided by a team of academics and businesswomen, started the first ever Museum of Motherhood on the Upper Eastside of Manhattan. Relationships with local universities followed and students became interested in studying the art, science, and history of mothers, mothering, and motherhood. M.O.M. (as it is known), became a destination point for thousands of travelers in New York City.

In 2017, Rose moved the museum to the Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood (St. Petersburg, FL) so she could continue her work and be nearer to her sons. A 1920s bungalow serves as an artist residency space for ongoing exhibitions on motherhood, where students and researchers further their work about mothers and families.

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DESPERATE ARTWIVES Public TO 2018 (Downloadable PDF)

DAW Takeover:

Desperate Artwives in collaboration with artist Susan Merrick invite you to the next Public Takeover– exploring women’s visibility/invisibility within the workplace. By placing DAW in highly recognized patriarchal spaces, the Takeover aims to respond to issues women & mothers face in the workplace, not least the gender pay gap and gender assumptions around childcare. Our action will also include a connection to the invisible and undervalued work in the home that is still undertaken mainly by women.

o WHEN: Friday 11th of May
o WHERE: meet at 11:45am at BANK Station the action will start at 12 and ends at approximately 12:45 London, England
o WHAT: Takeover Bank area by covering ourselves with a domestic item of fabric (any shape, any colour) and stand still for the duration of the action. People joining social media can choose their own space to take over.

Remember to use all hash-tags when sharing your images on social media.

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MOTHERS’ DAY EVERY DAY: Don’t forget, you can make a last-minute gift to your mother by adding her name to our TRIBUTE wall. Your testimony lives in perpetuity and we’ll send her an authentication of your message via e-mail or snail mail (whichever you prefer). Find out more: LINK