Meet Our Summer Intern, Ella

Ella is a 17-year-old rising, high school senior from New York. She travels to Malaysia this summer to work on a research project about the resiliency mechanisms of mother refugees and Rohingya women.
While many international agencies and organizations work hard to help refugees with short-term aid programs and supplies, Ella is interested in strategies for long-term solutions. Rather than reiterate how poor the conditions for these women are, she aims to highlight the many ways women overcome hardship and trauma, and how their perspectives about their conditions might potentially create a framework for identifying lasting solutions.
Ella will be conducting interviews with the women in the Rohingya Women Development Network. Through these interviews, she hopes to pinpoint mechanisms of resiliency that empower women to overcome trauma, poverty, and marginalization within their community and promote these.
Martha Joy Rose and the Museum of Motherhood are proud to guide her work and feature her research as part of a remote summer internship program.